The First Annual Hilo Whale Festival--The Aloha Kanaloa Cultural Festival 2014

Please click poster for printable PDF. 

Please click poster for printable PDF. 

Aloha Kai Palaoa `Ohana near and far, Kai Palaoa is proud to announce the First Annual Aloha Kanaloa Cultural Festival. It is on!!!! 

Save the Date:
February 16, 2014, Moku Ola (Coconut Island) in Hilo Bay from 10 am to 4 pm. 

The purpose of the Festival is to two fold, (1) to celebrate the Whales and their safe return home from their journeys afar and (2) to celebrate the sea and all the life it supports. 

The Festival will open with Traditional ceremonies and will follow with a full day of music, dance, entertainment, games, craft vendors and educational booths. 
We will be having a raffle with awesome prizes--bring Food for the Hawai`i Food Bank and get a raffle ticket. 

Stay tuned for more details on the prizes and things!

WE hope you all can join us!!!
E Lu`u mai!


WhaleFest 14-16 March 2014 -- Hilton Metropole Briton UK

WhaleFest 14-16 March 2014 -- Hilton Metropole Briton UK
the biggest festival of its kind - supporting those who protect these animals

Opened by Gok Wan (award-winning TV presenter), featuring Steve Backshall (BBC Deadly 60) and closed by Miranda Krestovnikoff (BBC Coast & The One Show), WhaleFest 2014 is a family-friendly event that appeals to everyone. It’s for people who love whales and dolphins, those who know nothing about them, me, you, your gym instructor, everyone. A celebration of oceans and marine life through inspiration, science, music and more.

Passions will be stirred by live performances, films, prose, talks, comedy, exhibitions, music and inspiring activities for all ages. It attracts people from all over the world and with an estimated audience of 10,000+ people from over 40 countries in 2014.

It takes place at Brighton Hilton, the very place where the world’s governments gathered in 1982 to suspend international whaling. In 1991 Brighton Aquarium’s captive dolphins were freed back to their Caribbean home. The people of Brighton, ‘London-by-the-sea’, love these animals. We all do. And now we are coming together to celebrate and protect them.

WhaleFest is a not-for-profit event, which raises funds for the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). The WCA is the only global partnership of organisations working for whales and dolphins. With Jean-Michel Cousteau as Honorary President, the WCA has a focused strategy to end captive Killer Whale entertainment at marine parks and protect the last remaining Maui’s dolphins from extinction in New Zealand.

Said Jean-Michel Cousteau: “Without collaboration we will achieve nothing more than a drop in the ocean. The World Cetacean Alliance is a unique opportunity to combine our collective energy, knowledge, and expertise in order to protect whales, dolphins, and their habitats.”

together we are the global voice for whales and dolphins

Please support WhaleFest 2014 by attending or spreading the word! More information can be found at www.whale-fest.com.