Aloha and Welcome to Kai Palaoa

We are excited to welcome the time of Kanaloa into our physical and spiritual spaces of consciousness as we celebrate the return of our akua Kanaloa to Hawaiʻi. Under less litigious circumstances, Kai Palaoa would be inviting everyone to the 5th Annual Aloha Kanaloa Cultural Festival, instead we are calling on our supporters to aid us in a time of urgent need. 

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Image: Elyse Butler

Kai Palaoa (Whale Sea)
Hawaiian Taxonomy of Cetaceans
Kinolau o Kanaloa (divine manifestations of the god of the sea, Kanaloa)
According to the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian chant of creation, the Palaoa helped sing/chant mankind into being, ushering in the time of light in the world.”
“Ho`i ke aloha I Kanaloa—return the love to Kanaloa—by respecting, conserving and protecting the Sea and all life!”