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We believe in raising the standard of Aloha on earth, using our creativity, ingenuity, innovation and resources to promote and empower other local, national and international groups working towards ocean conservation. For example, we strongly support both the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Mr. Rick O’Barry’s SAVE JAPAN DOLPHIN campaign. One of our `ohana has donated their artwork and designs to support these organizations. Please visit our store to see our “Kai Palaoa supports Sea Shepherd — stop the seal hunt” and our “SAVE JAPAN DOLPHINS “campaign products.

“We love ocean warriors like Capt. Watson, his brave crews and Mr. O’Barry because they are Aloha in Action!” Kealoha Pisciotta, Kai Palaoa founder Please support both organizations by buying our specially designed t-shirts and products, as 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these products will go directly to the Captain Watson’s Sea Shepard Ocean Conservation Society and Mr. O’Barry’s SAVE JAPAN DOLPHIN’s campaign. Please give generously to both The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the SAVE JAPAN DOLPHINS Campaign!

We are part of the Aloha ‘Āina movement, mauka to makai (love for the land, from mountains to sea). Aloha ‘Āina; is a grass roots movement made up of the many activists from across Ka Pae ‘Āina (The Hawaiian Archipelago) who stand up for the preservation, conservation and protection of the land, the sea and the people. We challenge the continued occupation of Hawai`i by the United States of America as well as the many other state and federal policies that frustrate efforts to protect the land, the sea and the rights of Hawai`i’s people , Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike. We are opposed to corporate greed, excessive taking and regulatory capture (whereby the regulatory agencies empowered to protect our rights and resources are instead taken over and/or controlled by powerful corporate interests thus rendering agencies useless to regulate against anything). Currently greed, excessive taking and corporate capture define much of our land and ocean policies, thus leading to the depletion of our life giving resources, causing suffering to all life.

The UN World Charter for Nature, Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth (Bolivia’s Draft Declaration), UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Declaration on Sentient Beings’ Rights (Global draft for cetaceans) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Mr. Rick O’Barry’s Dolphin Project and the Save Japan Dolphins Campaign